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Within a few decades, almost everyone can have autoimmune disease

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I think the modern way of life and the modern food industry are responsible for the increasing number of people suffering from food intolerance.

From my interview with InfoRadio a summary article was written, where they asked about the nature of food intolerance:

In the case of intolerance and allergies, the human body produces antibodies with different proteins, but the symptoms can be equally unpleasant: deterioration of well-being, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, reflux symptoms, headaches – as it was emphasised by Jozsef Tamasi internist. Their long-term recurrence can lead to the development of chronic diseases – added by the doctor. Sensitivity to different food ingredients was less common to people before, but

the deterioration of the food industry and lifestyle that could be observed in the last few decades, starts to manifest

which brings up troubles that never existed before, and this is occurring in increasing numbers. If there is no change, almost everyone will have autoimmune disease within a few decades – he said. Mainly the intolerance of plant and animal proteins are typical, for example we handle gluten very badly, which has increased dramatically in food.” Anyway this is a poison for humans that we had some tolerance for, but

the quality of the bakery products are so degraded that the body can no longer fend off them.”

It would be possible to give warning to someone in time to change his or her diet, but this would require to give much more importance to the effects of nutrition and food industry and their early laboratory diagnosis. The doctor added finally, “it is not normal for a human to make such a huge change in their diet in a few decades that he has been used to in a completely different way for millennias.”


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