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What is health?

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A healthy person and a healthy lifestyle

We all desire to be healthy, but what exactly does healthy mean?

In 1947 the World Health Organization (WHO) defined the meaning of health („health does not mean the absence of illness, it is rather a state of physical, spiritual and social well-being”), this definition however is out of date today and for several reasons inefficient.

Do you know who is considered healthy?

A person who

  • has a pleasing goal of life, a life philosophy and does not worry too much about the future
  • does not have significant physical troubles
  • does not have a known illness limiting one’s life, lives in physical and spiritual harmony
  • does not starve and is not cold, whose life is not threatened and thus feels safe
  • lives in harmony with nature
  • is aware of the fact that there is no consistency in life, is capable of continuously adjusting to changes in the environment and establishing harmony again
  • is often playful, can be happy, can think in a positive way
  • is satisfied with one’s given talents and is creative in finding ways under all circumstances to utilize those, can solve upcoming difficulties

10+2 points about healthy living

There is no doubt that after we are born and fully developed, our body is growing older. During aging the body gets ill, that is just part of life. There is no such thing as a world without diseases. Yet despite our given conditions, there is much we can do to slow down aging and to preserve our health. This is in line with everybody’s desire to apply the widest range of “anti-aging” techniques. It is well known that our health is mostly affected by our lifestyle. Here is a summary of a healthy lifestyle condensed in10 +2 points which I prepared based on my 27 years of experience in medical service and academic research.

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Healthy eating based on common sense, detoxing

This means that at least once a year you should do a 5-21 day long detoxing liquid fast. Your eating should contain a lot of living vegetables full of fibers, little animal products or fine sugar, chemicals. Try to avoid excessiveness, time your eating to be regular, not too late at night. Chew well on your bites and consume slowly. Support your health by herbal tea, herbs for seasoning and preparations made with gentle bacteria. Try to make up for the lack of minerals and vitamins in food by using high quality organic ingredients. Carefully choose the amount and quality of food to maintain an ideal body weight. Eating should match your present condition, the current season and physical activeness


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Regular physical and breathing exercises

Besides eating, physical and breathing exercises are the second most important anti-aging methods. There are various types of mobility exercises for the body. It is essential that you do a 30-45 minute fitness workout at least 3 times a week. It may include running, rapid walking, swimming, rowing, riding a bicycle, intensive gymnastic (ie: aerobics), dancing, cardio machines. It is likewise important for the muscles and joints to be regularly stretched, as maintaining and developing their flexibility is also part of being healthy. Developing physical strength and muscles can be achieved through so called isometric exercises (ie: weight lifting, weight machines, pushups, etc.) Eastern movements (ie: yoga, tai-chi, qi gong, etc.) should not be neglected either in your endeavor for healthy living. An appropriate physical program means a harmonious combination of the above mixed with meditation and breathing exercises. Breathing exercises do not merely foster a more complete oxygen change, they also support circulation, energy levels and the dynamics of detoxing. Inappropriate breathing may be a result of improper posture which needs consistent conscious correction.


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Resting, relaxation

People today suffer from chronic sleeplessness and too much stress. These conditions increase the chances of acute and chronic diseases. To find out how stressed one is I generally apply the Voll method which I have been regularly using among my patients since 1990. Based on this I can conclude that people today are much more stressful than 20 years ago. If one is interested in knowing whether stress has any negative effect on deeper tissues, I use BETA and Enderlein methods to find out. We often see that the first symptoms of excessive stress are problems in the digestive system. It is necessary to sleep 6-9 hours at night, do 1-3×10 minutes of relaxation during the day, take rest and recharge on the weekend and go on holiday 1-3 times a year. A lack of efficient sleep is also a problem for many. Try to replace sleeping pills with natural substances, avoid coffee, instead have coffee substitutes, for stimulation you may use Guarana or green tea. Regular meditation, massage, aromas, oriental incenses, arts, music may all add to that. The most effective relaxation technique is the autogenous training which I teach to my patients in 8 sessions. Without an appropriate, pleasing world view we experience much more stress and grief which can be somewhat counterbalanced by more sleep. However, guilt, doubt, depression stemming from an improper world view, disharmony resulting from fear, fatigue, cannot be helped by even endless sleep.


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Shaping our world view, developing self-awareness and communication

110_F_24604585_YRsaQ3DNRjeQpq9H95BjGF2tqGA1HItgIn order to stay healthy we should have a solution to problems in all instances of life. We should always have a new idea how to reshape our goals. Deeply religious people are generally less vulnerable as they cope with losses more easily. Yet religiosity is not the only effective solution to problems of life. Firm faith in the future and in positive outcomes can also be established through various other wisdoms, pious or loving activities. Communication is a constant weak point of collecting emotional wounds. Thus we should develop our communicational skills with so much enthusiasm throughout our lives as we do to improve at other tasks. Communication can only be developed by the supervision of an experienced professional.

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Being free of addictions and other significant faults in our lifestyle

Smoking, regular and excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs, coffee cause such problems to health that cannot be cured by natural or conservative methods. In fact, they result in addiction so it is extremely difficult to give them up. My addiction recovery programs have always been successful and include acupuncture, bioresonance therapy, psychotherapy, massage and detoxing. Further harmful sources of addiction may be improper eating habits, excessive consumption of sweets, Internet and TV, gambling, and at times even work.


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The body and beauty therapy

Natural cosmetics and moisturizing products, experienced beauty therapists using such products, and – though it may sound unbelievable – detoxing treatments, healthy eating habits all serve to enhance our appearance, being the internal elements of rejuvenation.


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Active contribution to sustain a healthy micro and macro environment

Without walking in nature, hiking, living in a natural environment and a close relationship with nature one cannot be healthy. That is why it is advised to have clothing, objects in our home made of natural materials, green surfaces and regular walks in nature. We should endeavor for the following: protect nature, select our garbage, buy as little throw-away packaging as possible, not waste valuable pure water, ride a bicycle or walk on foot if there is an opportunity.

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Developing the culture of sex life

szexSex is one of the highest sources of pleasure of human existence which is cultivated or desired to be cultivated by more or less everyone. There are exceptions: advanced religious people for whom sexuality is a mere illusion. Unfortunately our society is full of false algorithms, repressions in terms of sexuality. Fake religious chastity is mixed with sexual freedom overly advertised by the media. Yet, knowledge of the average person about the culture of practical sexuality or the principle of mutual respect is very incomplete. I do not support sex life beyond measure – a lack of self-control, nor sexual repressions without proper goals. I do not find appropriate the excessive consumption of contraceptive pills or the lack of knowledge about natural birth control methods.

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Knowledge of simple self-healing techniques

In order to avoid immediately seeing a doctor or taking medication with side-effects, we should know certain basic self-healing techniques. Herbs, agents to improve intestinal flora, eating restrictions, shorter detoxing therapies, body treatments and simple acupuncture points are all well known by patients who have visited me for years. According to my expectations the doctor does not do the job alone, the patient also cures oneself by increasing his/her knowledge through the doctor and his writings. To preserve our health we should not merely act upon fear from diseases and a passive anticipation of a treatment, rather stepping beyond the correction of small problems, we should actively contribute to forming our life style by broadening our knowledge.


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Art of simple life-management

Our lives are becoming more and more complicated by the endless choice of TV channels, infinite informational opportunities offered by the Internet and computers, growth of material wealth, accumulation of earned possessions which all endanger our concentration on the basic aspects of life such as healthy living, loving human relationships, development of self-awareness, keeping the goal of life in focus, etc.
Therefore self-control, moderation, being able to say no, simplicity are certainly important elements of our endeavor for that.

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Lifelong learning, self-training

Continuous learning at all ages is a basic principle of health.


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Choosing a creative and pleasing work

If your work is like that, you are a lucky person. However, it is never too late to change. We can only be healthy if we gain positive, pleasing experiences at work throughout the day. At least we should not have to spend it in constant anxiety and repression. It is fortunate if our work is part of our self-realization process.

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