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Update study on the scientific and unscientific claims of the Corona virus – on the creating of panic

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It is astonishing to me how politics and mainstream media around the world can deceive the entire population. They are competing with each other, claiming bigger and bigger reasons why we need to do anything to „survive”, using panic as the main motivator. Whether they act out of fear, or it is not coincidence that they stop the whole world economy, I do not know. Something will surely explain how the people of the world could be locked in their homes in a couple of weeks, and they even reached that the people themselves demanded the quarantine and everyone joined forces to realize this crazy plan. It is surprising where are for example the sceptics, (who are always yelling for evidence) who are always screaming about empirical procedures in natural medicine, where are the scientific experts of the political opposition of governments in certain countries, where are the university professors and institutes, where are the epidemiologist experts of the topic, not interested in medicine and test development (instead of virologists), no one raises word against completely unscientific procedures and claims? Everybody is afraid? From the virus? Representatives of science, politicians and doctors alike?


Fortunately, with each passing day, we know more and more, and the horse’s legs are hanging out, and it seems more and more that in the end we have a good chance of shouting ” the emperor has no clothes.” The other day we received a Swiss summary of the events, which we put on our “don’t panic” facebook group.

Although this summary is excellent, it is very lengthy and not very clear as posts have been made daily during the events. I briefly summarise the most important statements below, and many of my own observations. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying the existence of the SARS CoV 2 virus. Nor do I deny that in those – in my opinion – one to two percent vulnerable, this virus can cause severe pneumonia and pulmonary edema, so we need to do everything for those at risk, but not just by putting them in quarantine, because it cannot be maintained forever. However, there is a myriad of alterations, countless panic-motivated unproven information about the disease that everyone should reconsider. I also emphasize that I am not attacking the Hungarian Government, but I would like to expose this panic-awakening phenomenon. In Hungary we are still in a fortunate situation – the economy has not yet collapsed, people have just rested a bit with closure – it is never too late to modify or change it in the right direction. At the same time, I would like to express my opinion, that it is not right for a major question that is significantly touching lifestyle medicine, epidemiology, immunology and complementary medicine to be dealt with exclusively through epidemiology and intensive medicine. This will not work.

Minister Miklós Kásler also published a summary of the significance and realities of the Corona virus, written by many respected colleagues whose author’s staff can be found at the beginning of the 40-page article, but no literary reference is listed in the work ?!!???

I do not understand how, in the name of sacred science, it is possible to put together a set of assertions, where they do not refer to the undoubtedly scientifically very poor and not very high level observations of the world, but they claim things unchecked. Unfortunately, in addition to the many useful, mainly epidemiological, hygienic, and intense medical data in this writing, there are quite a few highly questionable claims, but I will return to those.

Let’s see, what we know that they don’t tell and what they say that we cannot accept!


  1. There is problem with the real numbers!


Only sick people with a weak body die, in Italy, the average age of the dead was 80.5 years, 10% were over 90, and 90% were over 70. Furthermore, 0.8% of the dead did not suffer from any chronic illness (but it is not known whether they were smokers, drug addicts or obese). 75% already had two or more chronic diseases, 50% had three or more chronic diseases. The average death rate in Italy does not reach the standard death rate per time unit in Italy even with the coronavirus outbreak. It is therefore totally misleading, just to panic every day, that 800-900 Italians are dead again due to the coronavirus.

The death rate attributed to the coronavirus corresponds to the natural death rates, because with children it is almost zero and over 75 it is increased, twice as much with men than women. What we should watch is, in what quantities the number of deaths exceeds the number of deaths from pneumonia that would normally have occurred in a similar period of the year. For now, coronavirus caused pneumonia mortality does not reach normal pneumonia mortality.

It is not proven whether those who die will die due to only Coronavirus or how many of them will die due to Coronavirus and how many other causes. A deceased person may be exposed to a new (or even old) coronavirus, without actually causing the person to die. If the coronavirus is detected in a dying person, it will automatically add to the statistics of the corona’s deaths. Every country has a natural death rate eg. 500 – 2000 people per day and now they just blame part of it to the coronavirus and communicate as if these people hadn’t died between the ages of 80 and 90 with two or three serious diseases in their neck, but since they also tested positive for the coronavirus on their mucous membranes, they go into the statistics and media as „died in coronavirus”. This is creating of panic!!

The European mortality monitoring system does not show any increase in any country except Italy, where mortality of people over 65 has increased but is still below the 2016/17 flu mortality rate.

We know that there are other viruses on the mucous membranes traceable besides the coronavirus, so it is unclear why the panic causing institutions and authorities are focusing on the presence of the SARS CoV 2 virus alone.

Obviously, smokers, drug users, and obese people also belong to the vulnerable group and old people who are healthy are not significantly more at risk than young people. Therefore, when the media presents those one-two deaths who are aged in their tens or twenties, they forget to explain how were their BMI (was he obese) and whether they had smoked, drugged, or had anything hidden disease. These would explain why they died, instead of this they are claiming that “the coronavirus is already taking its victims among the young population”. Nor do they present how fast and what percentage of healthy elderly people recover, as this would also reduce panic! The data in this uncontrolled way serves the interests of the panic makers!

For example, it has been shown that the majority of the elderly passengers on a cruise ship docked off the coast of Japan, even the infected, did not show any symptoms. This also shows that it is not the old aged, but those with serious illnesses nearing their death who are at truly risk. Elderly people are belittled by the communication, when they constantly say that they are vulnerable. It is an other issue, that the epidemiologists cannot distinguish between endangered and non-endangered old people, so they want to quarantine every old person.

It is not measured when the new coronavirus appeared and what percentage was / is present in the society, nor even how fast it spreads. There is no evidence how many people were already infected in Europe before the “epidemic” and, how may are infected now? There is no evidence that the virus only entered Europe after the Chinese “epidemic” of late 2019. Mortality is measured in relation to the number of individuals tested, although it is not authoritative, an unreliable data, as the result depends only on the number of tests performed. If they do 5x as many tests, they will find 5x as many patients infected. “There are already 430 people infected in Hungary, and two people died again.” In fact, this epidemic comes from the growing number of tests. If the number of tests were increased faster, the epidemic would spread faster, if mass-tested, we would be in the mass-spreading phase since a long time. With this in mind, communicating daily is only good for keeping the population in endless panic. It’s like a negative, panic-creating horror series. Everyone is sitting tensely in front of the TV and radio and eagerly awaiting the latest developments in this tragic soap opera. Of course, this is possible because no one has a clue how many symptom free virus carriers are running around the street and infecting their surroundings. The Robert Koch Institute warns about the same. In fact, it is not the epidemic that is spreading exponentially, but the number of tests.

We do not know since when this new SARS CoV 2 virus is being present in the world. We do not know whether it really spread from animal to human, or whether a coronavirus that is already present is mutated and has become dangerous to humans. It may have been here for years, but it hasn’t been watched by the full media so far, no one tested it, and there was no test to show it, since test cases started in China in late 2019. The Italians are already writing that last year the same virus could have been in Italy because there was a similar shub sometime towards the end of 2019.

An Oxford University study states that by January 2020, the virus was certainly present and 50% of the population already been immunized.

COVID 19 mortality rate is a fraction of seasonal influenza. It has been said countless times, from countless sources, that there are 250-650 thousand flu deaths a year in the world that they do not hype that much. There are now about 20,000 dead in the world, attributed to SARS CoV 2 and we are living in unprecedented measures. Covid 19 mortality rate in Wuhan, China itself was only 0.04-0.12% which is lower than the mortality rate of seasonal influenza (about 0.1%). Also keep in mind that this year’s flu season is still in progress or is about to end, which has become completely irrelevant as only the new coronavirus infection is reported everywhere, in other words we can say, the cases of influenza syndrome have simply been moved to COVID 19 patient statistics. It should also be understood that the flu epidemic of 2019/20 was very mild throughout Europe, saving many seriously ill people who are otherwise at risk of influenza.

A French study reports that the problem caused by COVID 19 has been overestimated and that the real death rates do not exceed the deaths caused by corona virus (normal colds) seen in previous years.

A study published in August 2019 reports that Italy had an extremely high flu death rate compared to other European countries, 7,000-24,000 people die each year and this is attributed to the extremely high rate of elderly people in Italy (6.7 million, or 10% of the population). This figure is still (when deaths attributable to corona virus have reached 10,000) below the average.

In Great Britain, in February 2019, more than 2,000 people were reported to be in intensive care units due to respiratory difficulties in the 2018-19 influenza epidemic.

That is to say, it is not surprising that patients with poor resistance and a variety of pre-conditions are referred to intensive care units during respiratory tract infections.


  1. What are the causes of difficult care conditions?


Oxygen tank. There are many reports that oxygen tanks and hygiene devices are in short supply. However, this is not because there is not enough, but because of the panic generated, people buy everything for safety and there is not enough for the acute patients.

Staff. They report that they do not have enough doctors and nurses, not because they are really in short supply, but because they have a legally positive test result and are quarantined due to the epidemic rules, cannot participate in the care, whether they have symptoms or not.

Intensive class bed. In Italy, Lombardy has one of the fewest intensive beds, which are 90% full during the winter, even without the coronavirus epidemic. If the countries had prepared to set up hospital camp wards for the care of the seriously ill, – if they did not have enough intensive beds, – some of the deaths would have been missed.

Because of panic hospitals and medical care systems are overloaded. German and Swiss sources write about this. Obviously, one of the reasons for the overload of clinics and hospitals is not only the transport of many patients with severe respiratory illnesses, but also the fact that people are storming these institutions because of the generated panic, to make sure if they themselves are coronavirus patients, to have the test done and to reassure themselves that they will receive proper care if they would be very ill.


  1. Countries where they were thinking more brave and different

In Japan there was no shutdown, although the virus was one of the first to appear on the island. Still, the brutal epidemic did not occur.

In South Korea, only a few institutions have been closed down in some vulnerable areas, but the epidemic has been successfully resolved, with mortality far behind that of seasonal respiratory epidemics. South Korea has 9500 positive tests and 152 deaths.

The Swedish model does not do like most countries. Swedes yesterday bravely believed that there was no evidence that restrictive measures were better for a country. They quit testing and did not close schools or limit the economy.

The Italian example of procedures, which does not work anyway, does not justify draconian procedures in other countries. What is it that proves that every country is as endangered as Lombardy, because for example in South Korea the whole “outbreak” gone down in an incomparably smoother manner? In fact, evidence is not needed to justify that it’s okay if they don’t do such drastic measures, they should have proven the evidence for the subverting of normal life, there should have been a real debate and there was no such evidence. In Italy, the most strict measures have been taken, yet the mortality rate has not fallen, but even increased.

And when it goes down, what proves it wouldn’t have happened spontaneously without the measures. I am very pleased with the Swedish decision, because it means that the northern country can be European evidence that countries have made the wrong decision by sacrificing everything on the altar of the epidemic algorithm.

Great Britain has taken COVID 19 out of serious illnesses with great consequences.

This was a normal and courageous decision. Despite the horror media coverage of Italy, the experts there believe that COVID 19 is not a serious disease. Why? If it is so clear that only one kind of conclusion can be drawn everywhere, why do they think that there is no cause for concern?


  1. Some reasons, why there may be many dead in Italy:


  • they confuse death caused by coronavirus with death by other reasons because of the coronavirus found on the mucous membrane of the dead people. Simply, cases of flu and flu deaths are now all attributed to the coronavirus epidemic. Professor Walter Ricciardi’s study found 12% of deaths due to the coronavirus justified.
  • this area in Italy also experiencing great difficulties with intensive class beds. Already during the flu epidemic of 2017-18, the system was struggling with collapse.
  • the population is extremely densely populated in this area, which is the most densely populated area in Italy
  • It is quite likely that when there were 800-900 deaths a day, millions were already running around in the streets as virus carriers. No one has investigated the actual infection rate in the country.
  • it is one of Europe’s most air polluted area
  • Air Pollution (NO2) in Northern Italy, February 2020 (ESA)
  • it’s also shown how the air pollution is reduced as a result of the provisions

I quote this image from an article on the Swiss Propaganda Research website

By the way, it may have been the same reason for the high death toll in Wuhan, China.

According to a 2003 Chinese study, deaths due to SARS virus in a slightly air-polluted area are up to 84%, with an increase of up to 200% in severe air polluted areas (such as Wuhan).

  • This area is one of the oldest populations in Europe. Nearly one third of the population is over 65 years old and 10% over 75 years old.
  • Italy is one of Europe’s largest antibiotic resistance areas (Germany 0.5%, Italy 26%)
  • Italian (Mediterranean) social life, rejection of rules, allowed the virus to spread quickly.
  • The mild run of this year’s flu season has saved many serious patients, and their deaths have now been credited to the SARS CoV 2 account.


  1. What alternative professional opinions are available on the draconian measures


John P.A. Ioannidis, professor of epidemiology and public health at Stanford University also believes that they have taken action across the country without adequate medical information.

Recently, he gave an hour-long interview on the complete lack of scientific data on which the COVID 19 measures are based.

Sucharit Bhakdi, a professor of microbiology at the University of Mainz, calls the measures outright self-destructive, grotesque, collective suicide, because they shorten life expectancy for many older people as a result of social shock and raise the question of how much of the procedure package introduced several weeks ago contributes to the death of older people.

Professor Bhakdi’s latest initiative is an open letter for Chancellor Merkel on Thursday 26 urging that measures be reconsidered and changed.

Italian microbiologist Maria Rita Gismondo calls on the Italian government to stop communicating daily data on sickness and mortality because it causes senseless panic and has no real basis because the diagnoses and conclusions are inaccurate.

The proportion of asymptomatic infections in society is controversial. 80-90% of infected cases are asymptomatic or have very few symptoms. Of course, this was not accurate either, because they compared the 80-90% to the existing tests. However, the proportion of patients is much less likely to be less than 1% across society as a whole. However, according to the EMMI publication, only 1-3% of those infected are asymptomatic, but according to the authors, this is also irrelevant, and according to them WHO also says what they say (where? What?). This is in stark contrast to the study by Walter Ricciardi, a professor at the Italian Institute of Health (Instituto Superiore di Sanita ISS), the advisor of the Italian Minister of Health, who examined 3,000 coronaviruses and 50% to 75% of which were asymptomatic and remained. According to his study, only 12 percent of death certificates include the coronavirus as actual deaths. This is only a fraction of the daily death toll in the press.

Swiss infectologist Pietro Vernazza criticizes the actions taken by the countries. He says it makes no sense to increase testing because amongst 90% of the infected the infection goes down without any symptoms. School closures and curfews are counterproductive because they prevent children and adults from being immunized in time for the virus. He urges politics to rethink their work because at the moment real science is not currently involved in political decisions. He recommends to only protect those who are at risk (as I emphasised from the beginnings).

Frank Ulrich Montgomery, president of the German Medical Chamber, also opposes the Lockdown system and considers it counterproductive.

Argentine virologist Dr.Pablo Goldschmidt speaks about global terrorism in response to the actions taken because of the virus.

Is the illness and infection eliminated with the “stay at home”, “nothing should function that is not life necessity” program? There is no evidence for this. There is no doubt that quarantine slows down the spread of the infection, but only slows it down. Because, if fewer people meet, then the virus also can infect fewer people … and it may be easier to treat severe pneumonia on the existing beds and ventilation machines, although we have more intensive beds than Italians in Lombardy. Maybe. It is not proved that it is needed. However, there is also no evidence that quarantine can prevent infection at all, because sooner or later we will come out of our caves and if the virus is still there, it will re-infect. Is it really worthy to “stay home”? Who knows? This is difficult to decide during the outbreak without case studies. What versions can there be?

  1. The person who has moved into his apartment has already been infected (even asymptomatic) and is no longer infectious, in this case there is no need for quarantine, as no one is in danger, not even himself. But we do not know who they are, as no such comprehensive testing has been carried out.
  2. The person moving into his apartment is currently infectious but unaware of it. In this case, there is a good chance he will infect his family and he and his family will go to the store where they can infect new people. No one has tested them for infection, but they do infect, even if only fewer people. But since it’s not investigated, it’s actually going undetected.
  3. The person moving into his apartment was neither ill in the past nor right now. What will happen to him if he comes out? Well, since this virus is likely to stay with us for years (we don’t know for sure, but it is very likely to be, from the observations of other viruses), sooner or later he will catch the disease. Of course in 90% of cases this infection will be asymptomatic or with very few symptoms. But we won’t know anything about it either, because there is no comprehensive testing, no mass disease, no media hysteria – so everyone may think it was just a common cold.

The infection in the closed population is delayed, which prevents immunization and thus the overcoming of the disease. As we know, the virus infects when there are not enough infected.

What I see by observing the international press that more and more doctors are raising their voice against the actions taken, declaring that these provisions lack all rationality and logic.


  1. Laboratory tests, manipulation of tests and figures

The question is whether lab tests do give false positive results, because they do not show the previous coronavirus types that have been present for many years and because of this, more “SARS CoV 2” is detected than the actual one. It seems to me that no authority or institution is currently interested in controlling this error, or in reducing the numbers of people infected. Everyone is acting in panic and it is in everyone’s interest to stand into this panic-generating line, to find as many infected people as possible, although at the level of words they say to avoid panic. In any case, there are reports that justify false positive tests.

It is also a question, if now they are not only testing from the respiratory mucosa, but also from blood, serum, urine, stool then which is the basis for declaring that you are infected, as not all of them mean that we are really infectious patients. Any of these is enough? And if it is present in the stool, will it surely increase the chances of serious complications?

According to this source, the test used is for research purposes only and not for diagnostic purposes:

At the moment in the communication it does not matter how reliable, from which body liquid they took it from, whether the person is sick or not, according to the test they just talk about infected. This just adds to the panic!

The sensitivity of the currently marketed antibody rapid test is 30%, although it should be 80%.

But 80% is not 100%, so the test results leave lots of questions behind.

Manipulation with tests. In any case, the tests are not capable of producing any scientific data so far, because if we do not know the starting point (what percentage of the society carries it) we do not even know where we got to and how. In Germany too they agree that the more tests they perform, the more the seemingly ill, and they agree too that the PCR technology is a very sensitive test and it is very difficult to distinguish the fragmented viral parts, the genetic sequences, if they are really from SARS CoV 2 or from some other virus.


  1. There is no therapy and effective prevention right now!! The possibilities of life style medicine and complementary medicine are completely missed

In the field of therapy, representatives of official institutions have no solutions, they simply believe that epidemic and intensive care actions will solve everything. But it can be seen that they solve nothing and might be even counterproductive. Minister Kásler’s publication does not contain a single line on what closed Hungarian people should do at home, to follow true respiratory preventive exercises (breathing exercises), herbal practices, vitamin intake and what effective diet to follow. What has further contributed to curbing the epidemic in South Korea is that total prevention is not in the hands of conservative medicine but traditional Korean medicine, in natural medicine, who are trained there at university for a five-year education and there are natural medicine departments in every hospital. Like that, they increased the average age to 90 years, and they are significantly more effective in preventing all chronic diseases than systems based on Western medicine in Europe. Although complementary medicine is part of health care in Hungary, leaders of official institutions and bodies do not take into account the many thousands of years of experience of complementary medicine. Why? Out of ignorance, arrogance, fanaticism caused by stupor of evidence, or simply from irresponsibility? What does Section 104 of the current Health Act say about natural medicine?

Non-conventional procedures * 

  1. § (1)* The purpose of non-conventional healing and life quality increasing (hereinafter referred to as “unconventional”) procedures is to promote health, to prevent disease, and to be able to defend against factors that may endanger or damage health.

(2) *  Non-Conventional Procedures are based on different approaches to health and disease and approaches that differ from conventional, science-based procedures which are – as stated in separate legislation – procedures that complement, replace and improve conventional healing methods.

These procedures have an empirical background. With thousands of years of experience. It is not driven by the idea of a pharmaceutical company, who says without any experience that Chloroquin (which has a very high number of side effects) has to be given against the coronavirus (obviously everyone will want to take it for prevention), but for thousands of years they have been using herbs, inhalation, diet that can help fight and prevent viral infection and has no significant side effects.

I have written a simplified protocol for those who want to do something to keep themselves healthy, to prevent a virus infection.


Final thoughts


They say it is difficult to pee against the wind. That’s how I feel now. Still, I can’t be silent because I see how wrong the direction is. With the Corona virus epidemic, a series of panic-boosting and far-exaggerated communications are still in use, and not everything is going right. Of course, one should not throw out the epidemiological measures out the window: wash hands every 20 minutes, keep distance, wear face mask, don’t infect sick people. These are fine. It’s not okay that there is no therapeutic plan! Ladies and Gentlemen! The therapeutic plan is not just about the epidemiology and end-stage intensive care assistance in less than one percent of the population. Now is the opportunity to take into account the meaning of complementary medicine and use it to ensure that 99% of the population has a real health improvement approach, not just the saving of the 1%. Complementary medicine, not accidentally was introduced at the initiative of conservative governments in 1990, and with the completion of left-wing governments in 1997, was incorporated into health care. Despite all the sceptical hysteria, there is still plenty left in the legal system and could now be used to protect the population as they do in South Korea. Or does Minister Kásler get the right advice as an alternative to natural medicine and is it really effective or is it an element that exists but doesn’t make sense? One should put aside the visceral hatred of those who worship evidence because it is not substantiated, but comes from a lack of understanding of complementary medicine. Yes, it is possible to improve resistance, it is possible to reduce the viability of viruses with natural substances and methods, it is possible to improve the general fitness and the condition of chronic diseases. We are available, if you ask us. Or you can wait for fate. As we know, the majority of the population looks with trust towards natural cures. It should be used now for a good purpose. That should be the way to cooperate. I do not blame politicians, they are currently doing what the professionals dictate. I think they will change if the medical profession is ready to change its stiff stance.






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