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Thermo vision examination (Infracamera)

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Application of infracameras is scientifically accepted in examining the thermoregulation of buildings, finding infective patients with fever in a crowd, enhancing night vision of immigration officers and for military purposes.

I use a high resolution a camera which has been specifically developed for human examinations and is capable of measuring 0.01 degrees difference within 1 cm from a distance of 1,5 meters. Therefore it can continuously measure body temperature of a clothless body expressed by various colors. The skin’s temperature depends on healthy and abnormal processes in the body. The camera will show us if there is any inflammation in the body (ie: dental, sinus, joint), lymphoedemas, (fibromyalgia, abdominal zones), functional disorders of the reflex zones (dorsal organic zones), degenerative processes (knee arthrosis), overloads (differentiation of spinal pain), overactivity or malfunction (thyroid glands). As we condition the body with temperature (heat or cold), the body’s thermoregulation reacts to that which can be either normal or abnormal. This can also be examined by the camera.

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