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Should I complement my vitamin deficiency or should I fast?

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„Dear Doctor! They say at spring vitamin deficiency develops, but fasting is also recommended in spring. If vitamin deficiency needs to be supplied, then why is it good to fast in the spring. I have strong hair loss since 4 months, sometimes I throw whole lumps out of the tub after washing my hair. It is a miracle I still have hair. What should I do now, eat a vitamin rich diet or fast?”


We live in the temperate zone, where we naturally suffer from the quality cyclicality of our diet, i.e. the fact that no fresh plants are produced in winter. What is available then? Vegetables and fruits that can be kept for the winter, pickled plant products (pickled vegetables and fruits), foil and greenhouse primers produced by the agriculture of our time, the mirelite and canned foods provided by the food industry of our time, as well as the often heavily sprayed foods that leave a large ecological footprint transported here from distant continents by the trade of our time. Of course, this is also plenty of options, but no doubt most people still do not take in enough vitamins in the spring, partly due to inattention, bad habits, partly due to more expensive primers and more expensive Mediterranean products. Even for natural peoples, the spring period was always the time when fasting was used to rest the digestive system. If we do it at this time, then we act most auspiciously, because although the amount of vitamin we can consume is smaller, we prefer to select and give the body a chance to regenerate. During a professionally executed fast, the digestive system mainly excretes the huge, approximately 500 m2 of mucosal surface and does not absorb.

According to my experience, hair loss is mostly not due to deficiency conditions, but because of the poor intestinal flora. The rotting or fermenting bacterial flora causes inflammation in the body, and hair follicles in more sensitive people are also affected. However, the good news is that the hair is able to regrow, the hair follicles regenerate as soon as the inflammations that generate their destruction disappear. Eliminating inflammation is unimaginable without a change in diet, and the best way to do this is to fast. So, if you haven’t already done so in March, do so in April or May, but before the summer, give yourself a chance for your body to excrete excess protein and carbohydrate-like substances, reduce the bad bacterial flora, and reduce its fat tissues. Of course, if you’ve never fasted before, it’s a good idea to look for a trained, experienced professional who will adjust the length of the fast depending on your condition and lead the cure when you have difficulty.

Another question is important to understand for the correct interpretation of deficits and surpluses. Our body turns the excess, often acidic waste products into a selectable salt form with the help of minerals abstracted from our body, so neutralization and sweeping means the continuous use and robbery of minerals. Therefore, this detoxifying means the replacement of minerals and the replacement of vitamins necessary for their intake. So not detoxifying is not the way, because then the waste products constantly rob us of the materials that are useful to us. During the fasting period, we supplement vitamins and minerals with juices, tablets or infusion treatments. Incorporating fasting into our annual dietary rhythm is not indispensable even in today’s hectic life. The question, of course, is what we do after fasting. Fasting is always a good chance to change your lifestyle, to correct your diet. One thing is for sure. If we live the same faulty lifestyle after fasting, the same symptoms (fatigue, abdominal complaints, hair loss, pains, etc.) occur as before. Therefore, let’s look at fasting as an entry to an improved lifestyle.

Hair loss, by the way is very difficult to stop, and after fasting, proper pro- and prebiotic cures and plant-based diet are also essential.

Source: Naturopath magazine Doctor Answers Box

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