Budapesti rendelő: +36-20-361-9530, Kiskunfélegyházi rendelő:+36 70 626 8389,

Since July 2010, patients in Budapest, Hungary I see in the MediMOM Health Center once or rarely two times a month.

MEDIMOM Health Center has moved to a new address: XII. district, Jagello ut 14.

For information and appointments please contact:

Mobile: +3620/586-50-70, +3620/586-44-40

Tel: +361/7975 595


Next consultation dates in Budapest are: Mai 3, 2013

When booking your appointment please indicate what the purpose of your visit is: first visit, consultation without examination, control visit, blood analysis or other examination that may be necessary before consultation. MediMOM conducts the necessary laboratory tests, but if you need a laboratory control when seeing me, please go to MediMOM 5-7 days prior for a blood test so that results are available at the time of your visit. Please indicate if you need to make a blood analysis at the time of booking your appointment.

For information about prices please ask the reception, or visit the Health Center’s website.

I conduct the following complementary alternative examinations for more precise assessment of the patient’s condition:

– Enderlein blood analysis (you need to book an extra half hour on top of your consultation time)

– Reflexological examinations (foot, iris, ear, alarm points) (requires an extra half hour also)

– Voll electro-acupuncture examination (requires an extra half hour also)

– Ayurvedic tests (Requires separate consultation – 1,5 hours)

If it’s not your first visit to me, please bring all your previous medical documents: those that you may have received from us in Biovital and even those that you have shown to us before and we made copies of. This will help me very much to recall all your details.

I can do treatments once a month and keep contact with many of my patients through email. This may however only assist to consult inbetween two visits, it does not replace personal consultations. My email address has changed to: