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Potato diet

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This is a mild, alkalizing detox diet. As a result, a large part of the edema and inflammatory substances accumulated in the body are eliminated. The tissues are unloaded, the circulation improves, the person feels fresher, fitter, more agile, performance also improves significantly.

It is excellent on its own for detoxification and regeneration for 1-4 weeks – especially for those who cannot fast or are afraid of it, or they have a normal or lean physique. But we can also recommend it for an introduction to a more intensive detoxification cure, or it is also good for those who still want to lose weight after fasting.

 MAIN RULESsaláta4

  • During the course of the cure, salt should be reduced or possibly omitted (if someone is unable to eat completely without salt, use a pinch of sea salt with the food).
  • Consume minimum 2,5 – 3 litres of water daily
  • If possible, in the evening only eat a few fruits and especially not fruits that can cause bloating (plums, peaches, grapes)
  • Don’t eat too many bananas, sweet or dried fruits.
  • It’s not allowed to eat potatoes fried in oil during the cure (pomes, french fries)
  • it is not allowed to eat meat and sweets during the cure!
  • salads should preferably be made from fresh vegetables, possibly frozen.
  • do not use canned food, powder soups!
  • To the salads, add lemon juice instead of vinegar, a little cold pressed oil, and use natural spices, seeds (flaxseed, walnuts, almonds, etc.).
  • Do not add any mayonnaise dressing to salads.
  • At midday we can consume any vegetable soup, do not use artificial flavorings (soup cubes, powders, etc.), fat, scrambling for their preparation.
  • Sometimes the potatoes can also be replaced with unsalted cooked brown rice.
  • It is not allowed to drink alcohol during the cure!


krumpli diéta

  1. Only salt foods very minimally (you can omit them altogether if you can!) And prefer low-sodium salt.
  2. Chew everything very thoroughly.
  3. Potatoes can possibly be replaced with brown rice or porridge.
  4. Between meals, fruit, herbal teas, liquid and freshly centrifuged juices can be consumed.
  5. During the cure, you should move, exercise for half – one hour a day (if possible outdoors).
  6. 1-2 times a week it is advisable to go for a sauna and massage.
  7. Always dilute the fruit juices with non-carbonated mineral water.
  8. If possible, drink only freshly squeezed or organic juices.
  9. Recommended cleansing tea mixture: dandelion, tarragon, elderberry, nettle, hibiscus, birch leaves. Make a mixture of the above in equal proportions. Scald 2 tablespoons with 1 liter of water, then filter after standing for 10 minutes and season with 1 tablespoon of honey. Drink it during the day.
  10. If you want to cleanse your digestive system even better, drink these in the morning on an empty stomach

–         2 dl of bitter medicinal water (Ferencz József, Mira ..)

–         2 dl of diluted prune juice

–         2 dl of diluted sauerkraut juice (unsalted!)


The ones listed here are for reference only, of course other vegetables and fruits can be eaten according to the season. Each day can be flexibly interchanged with each other, moreover, according to the sample below, the diet can be freely shaped within the framework of the above rules and advice!

For breakfast 2-3 slices of corn Abonett or rice slices with butter or avocado cream. You can also eat corn (cornflakes), rice flakes muesli (unsweetened, without coloring and no artificial additives!) instead of the ones listed.

For lunch                                                                                               For dinner

1st day

300 g cooked unpeeled potatoes                                                2 dl potato soup, in it

according to season, some                                                            onion, carrot and some

salad, radish                                                                                     celery cube

10 g butter                                                                                        salad

spices (from dry, natural                                                                for the preparation max. 5 gr

herbs)                                                                                                butter or cold pressed

                                                                                                           oil can be used


2nd day

300 g potato mash                                                                       200 g baked potatoes unpeeled

tomato puree or salad                                                                      mixed vegetable salad

5 g butter, spices                                                                              5 g butter, spices


3rd day

300 g parsley potatoes                                                              200 g potato puree

vegetables                                                                                        coleslaw

5 g butter, spices                                                                            5 g butter, spices


4th day

400 g potato salad                                                                  200 gr baked potatoes unpeeled

mixed vegetable plate                                                                     pepper salad

5 g butter, spices                                                                             butter, spices


5th day

3 dl potato soup                                                                    200 g cooked unpeeled potatoes

mixed vegetable plate                                                                      radish or other vegetables

5 g butter, spices                                                                             5 g butter, spices


6th day

300 g potato goulash                                                            200 g potato mash

tomato, onion,                                                                         carrot, salad etc.

pepper, potato                                                                         5 g butter, spices


7th day

300 g Bircher-potatoes                                                          200 g potato soup

(baked potatoes cut in                                                           tomato salad and 2 pieces of

half, spiced with cumin)                                                          rice slices with little butter

some kind of salad

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