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My intestinal flora is out of balance

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Dear Doctor!

I would like to report to you about the change in my condition. As you know, I have been suffering from extreme swelling of my face and other parts of my body and severe hives for 4-5 months, which my doctors tried to solve with a variety of drugs and then with cortisol tablet (I took 16 mg a day), but it didn’t help either. It turned out that my intestinal flora contains too much clostridium bacteria and my stool has an alkaline pH of 8.

I have stopped taking the medicine in the last month with your treatment program, and currently my skin symptoms, although still there, are less than before with the steroid drug. We helped the exchange and development of my intestinal flora with colon hydrotherapy, I converted my diet to a plant-based diet, and started taking natural anti-inflammatory drugs. Well, I feel much better, maybe I can start running again, since before, I used to run 60 km a week, but because of the skin symptoms and the general pain and weakness associated with it, this was completely missed. I would like more advice to completely eliminate my hives symptom that still occur daily.

Dear Madam!

Yes, you had a severe allergic disease, partly you still have, which the usual adrenal cortex hormone in conservative medicine has not been able to even temporarily reduce, but the radical changes in your diet and natural retuning procedures have brought some relief. It is clear that your symptoms are due to unfavorable changes in your digestive system. This is also shown by the stool examination, which revealed the growth of putrefactive bacterial strains, as well as the examination of the “permeable bowel” syndrome, which also showed a damaged condition of the intestinal mucosa. You still have a milder imbalance in your gut flora, which is burdened by bacterial, viral and fungal infections, and your intestinal mucosa is still damaged. As a result, substances from food and bacteria enter the bloodstream unhindered, generating inflammatory immune responses, especially in the skin.

The most important thing is that the diversity of the bacterial population should continue to develop, the intestinal mucosa should continue to heal, the immune system should strengthen, and the activity of inflammations should gradually decrease. This requires you to further develop your plant-based diet and certain foods.

Don’t replace it. You should not consume milk, egg and gluten proteins, even in traces, because they certainly increase inflammatory processes and, of course, because of the rotting flora, the consumption of meat is not allowed either. You need to take a look at which plants ’lectin content can adversely affect your inflammation. Leguminous plants should only be cooked in a high-pressure pot, leave peas completely. Peel the tomatoes and don’t eat pepper at all. Don’t eat peanuts, corn, and reduce your rice intake as well. Look for alternative flours and pastas and breads made from them: chestnuts, golden hair, monkey breadfruit, green bananas, green mangoes, green papayas, coconut, hemp flour. You can eat millet, buckwheat. By no means should you fry potatoes, but you can cook them, if possible, replace them with sweet potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. Use spices in a variety of ways, peel all fruits and eat them only when ripe. You must use the prescribed prebiotics and probiotics for at least half a year. If you do the therapeutic program well, your stool will be shaped and normal. You can use quality cold pressed oils and ghee in abundance to prepare your food.


Lastly, be patient, your improvements have started without medications, the whole process will gradually recede.

Source: Naturopathic magazine – doctor answers column with Dr. Tamasi.

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