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I have spinal hernia, doctors recommend surgery – Doctor answers

By : on : 2020-10-26 comments : (0)

I have a spinal hernia, at the L 2-3-4 vertebrae, I have been living with great pain everyday for two months. I can’t get up, or only limping to the toilet at most, but by the time I get back, my hips and legs are hurting a lot. I can only lie on my stomach. […]

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Chronic fatigue syndrome

By : on : 2020-10-21 comments : (0)

Dear Doctor! I’m exhausted, tired, the medications don’t work either. I also take vitamins, but that doesn’t help either, maybe I would need it as an infusion. I always cough. I am sensitive to milk, so I do not consume dairy products. I also have joint pain, I constantly feel like I’m not completely healthy. […]

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Homeopathy: a gentle cure or a placebo?

By : on : 2020-10-17 comments : (0)

Recently, EASAC, the European Academies ’Science Advisory Council, issued an opinion that received significant negative press coverage in Hungary (well beyond the message of the original Communication). This organization has a member from the academies of science of each EU country with one scientific representative. The opinion on homeopathy was developed by a working group […]

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Stress, vegetative dystonia, anxiety, panic

By : on : 2020-07-08 comments : (0)

Anyone who has experienced a real panic attack will remember it for the rest of their lives. It occurs suddenly, with an extremely high sense of fear or very poor well-being, which doctors usually do not find a real organ abnormality behind. Yet the patient feels the end is here. From now on, he forcibly […]

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Doctor answers: They could not find explanation to many of my complaints

By : on : 2020-07-07 comments : (0)

Dear Doctor!  “I’m a 35 years old man, and I came to the point, that I cannot live my life like this. I’m having spinal complaints since two decades, which means increasing back stiffness, limited mobility, back and rib pain, especially when bumping and jumping. I had lots of examinations, but they never told me […]

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Beetroot soup

By : on : 2020-07-03 comments : (0)

Diétás leves, mely nem tartalmaz állati terméket és glutént

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Shiitake – Jerusalem artichoke soup

By : on : 2020-07-03 comments : (0)

A csicsóka és shiitaki gomba sajátságosan pompás ízt ad egy vegán levesnek.

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Pumpkin cream soup

By : on : 2020-07-02 comments : (0)

Easy and quick, delicious and healthy! Its high beta-carotene is not negligible, which has antioxidant effect. Preparation time: 30 minutes Quantity: 4 portions Ingredients:  500 g pumpkin 50 g leek 1 tablespoon plain vegamix (seasoning mix) 500 ml clean water 100 ml clean water for refill 2 tablespoon bio coconut milk (thick part of canned […]

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Fennel cream soup

By : on : 2020-06-30 comments : (0)

Fennel helps digestion. It contains a lot of beta-carotene as well as folic acid, which promotes hematopoiesis. Preparation time: 20 minutes Ingredients (4 portions): 300 g fennel 150 g new potato 2 pcs star anise 1 teaspoon savory 500 ml clean water 100 ml clean water to refill 165 ml bio coconut milk (thick part […]

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Wild garlic cream soup

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