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I am 160 kg!

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Dear Doctor!

“At the age of 48 I am very obese, currently 160 kg. Couple of years ago I lost 50 kg with ketogenic diet, but this did not protect me from heart attack. After the incident my performance decreased, and of course I regained my weight. I am hypertensive, my left heart ventricle is overdeveloped due to the heart attack. I usually have calcium-oxalate kidney stones, which I have managed to drive away. I am diabetic, I take medication for it. I have psoriasis on my skin, but my main problem is disability and joint pain. Sometimes I crash when I think I was a handball player and where I got to. Do you see a chance that I can get rid of that much weight and these problems by some kind of method?”

Dear Sir!

Of course, you have to get rid of the weight and then the waste products will be reduced, and together with this, your current troubles will alleviate. From the plenty of diet options, repeated liquid diet is sufficient with the guidance of the doctor in order to start the weight loss and keep it going. With liquid diet and the following and in between plant based diet you can reach a state where, with the assistance of a doctor, your antihypertensive drugs and your diabetic medicines can be left. However, you need to calculate that this process will take at least two years. Losing weight too fast, and especially losing weight due to malnutrition, is not good for your body, which is already weakened by infarction and heavy weight. In my opinion, plant foods – especially in the already damaged phase – are essential in large quantities because they contain essential substances for healing (antioxidants, unsaturated fats, reduced protein intake, fiber, etc.).

What will you need for effective weight loss?

You will also need herbs: antihypertensives, diuretics, anti-inflammatories, anticoagulants, waste removals, and supplement of minerals and antioxidants orally or in infusions, because good quality digestion also needs them, and obviously lacking these. An exercise program should first be introduced in the form of physiotherapy and then increasingly in the form of strength exercises and endurance movements. Without these, proper tissue metabolism cannot be formed.

Your tissues need to regenerate to regain their old function and get a new chance forming a new balance. In many cases, spinal pain occurs as weight, body ratio and center of gravity change. Manual therapy, yoga, massage may be required. Over the course of the two years you have to overcome many difficulties, it is only worth starting with great determination and professional help. However, there is every chance for change, and in the 40s the body can still regain its fitness. During my work, I come across countless cases of similar successful recovery.


Source: Naturopathic Magazine – Doctor Answers Box

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