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General knowledge of cleansing and liquid fasting

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Fasting should be at least as normal a part of our lives as a festive feast once in a while. Non-eating is part of everyday life, such as eating, brushing your teeth, hairdressing, exercising or beautician. Who does not fast misses an important opportunity to stay healthy.


Fasting cure, when you leave all solid foods, the patient consumes only liquid (water, herbal tea, freshly squeezed juice, liquid made from vegetable soup, liquid made from boiled cereal pulp, vegetable milk, liquid made from fermented plant materials). During fasting, the digestive surface becomes an excretory surface, thus leading to significant detoxification.

During the fast, you will have the opportunity to retreat a little from the hustles of everyday life, to think, to relax, to simply just live, even if you are working in the meantime. – and next to all these, you can loose weight, and your body can get rid of lots of waste material.




  • Constant fatigue, depression, decreased ability to concentrate, memory impairment, sleep disorders
  • Recurrent infections, inflammations, colds
  • Indigestion, bloating, constipation, unformed, pasty stools, alternating diarrhea and constipation
  • Frequent weight fluctuations, obesity
  • Blood pressure fluctuations, high blood pressure
  • Regular headache, migraine
  • Skin complaints: eczema, acne, allergic rash
  • Split, dull, fastly greasy hair
  • Allergic diseases
  • Joint complaints: inflammation
  • High blood fats, blood sugar, poor liver function values

You can read more about the waste products in our body in my other article.

All these together poison our body and slow down physiological processes, making us sick.



  • Firstly, to deplete substances that impair the metabolism, the activity of the immune system and the balanced, healthy functioning of individual organs, block cell regeneration processes, or simply the spare materials that we carry unnecessarily every day.
  • To recharge the body with energy, to overcome the fatigue that weighs on us.
  • To alleviate, control or even eliminate all kinds of symptoms that have been deteriorating our well-being, performance and endurance for some time. To become more physically, spiritually and physically fit. To beautify, refresh and clear our skin.
  • To prevent diseases
  • To get rid of excess accumulated in your body (eg pounds, fat, sugar, uric acid…)
  • Improve the composition of the abnormal intestinal flora



  • Diabetes, high blood fat, gout, obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Atherosclerosis and its complications
  • Fatty liver
  • Complaints of the digestive system
  • Excess body weight
  • Non-healing respiratory and gynecological inflammations
  • Fibromyalgia, joint pain
  • Headache and migraine

Fasting is not starvation, who is starving is not fasting!



  • weight loss
  • better wellbeing
  • huge feeling of success
  • removal of waste products
  • beautification of the skin
  • recovery or improvement of diseases and complaints


We can fast for 2-3 days alone, but a longer fast with real therapeutic value (3-6 weeks) should only be performed under professional guidance. Fasting must be learned once from a doctor who has fasted himself and who has been trained. Later, we can do it by ourselves, although medical advice is advisable over several weeks of fasting, even if we did it many times before. I learned the method of the fasting cure from Professor Dr. Helmuth Lützner (currently 86 years old), who ran the 126-bed fasting clinic in Überlingen for decades and who was a direct student of Dr. Otto Buchinger, the well-recognised pope of detoxifying cures, internationally and in German language based countries.


Fasting should be preceded by a medical examination and advising. We then get a detailed description of the technique of fasting. We do the other preparations needed for fasting at home: cooking pots, raw materials, accessories, preparing the family, planning work and other activities. Fasting can be done while working, but extreme stress during fasting is not good. Fasting is no more expensive or complicated than everyday eating, we just have to get used to our new lifestyle for the first few days. During the fast, you have to show up in our office at least once a week, or rather twice due to fast control. The most common successful fasts last for 3 weeks, followed by a so-called coming off diet and then a diet that provides long-term results. It is not right to restore a faulty diet after fasting, however, a changed diet should also be one that ensures the usual enjoyment of meals and gastronomic experiences. Fasting can be longer than 3 weeks, but weekly infusions (to provide minerals and vitamins) are recommended.


  1. Medical examination, individual advice, compilation of individual therapeutic proposal
  2. Introductory diet (eg raw diet, potato diet, rice-pineapple diet, fruit cure)
  3. Fasting (usually 3 weeks, sometimes of a different length)
  4. Breaking of the fast (end day of fasting)
  5. Coming off diet
  6. Diet and lifestyle for the post-fast period


  • morning weight measurement, blood pressure measurement, 1 teaspoon bitter salt, goal: number of stools 1-3 per day, of course the dose depends on the number of stools, according to this you can modify the intake of bitter salt, several cups of herbal tea or hot water, possibly the intake of mineral products, morning dry rubbing, hot and cold shower, bathing, including removing the tongue plaque, oil rubbing the skin, morning movement, possibly morning meditation or prayer
  • in the morning herbal tea, water, freshly squeezed juice diluted, alkaline powder in water
  • at midday soup, cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, these can be blended, the other vegetables can be mashed and filtered, relaxation
  • in the afternoon water, freshly squeezed juice diluted, alkaline powder in water, afternoon exercise, running, or other exercise program
  • in the evening cereal cooked, filtered, water, herbal tea, possibly southern soup, or freshly made soup, liver wrap, sufficient and timely sleep
  • Keeping a fast diary all day
  • Consume at least 3 liters of fluid throughout the day.



  • Abundant fluid intake: herbal teas, diluted fruit and vegetable juices, mineral water – so, low-calorie and low-energy natural drinks.
  • Stimulating excretion: with plenty of fluids, sweating treatments, massages, sports, breathing exercises, skin care, liver cleansing.
  • Exercise and rest in the right proportions: you need to exercise regularly to protect your muscles and spend a lot of time sleeping, relaxing, meditating to nourish and recharge your mental and spiritual strength.
  • Retreat: the influx of information should be reduced (no television, radio, spending time in public places of entertainment…), you need to take a step back at home and in the workplace if possible, create time and space for spiritual recharging

The absence of any of the listed elements significantly reduces the value and effectiveness of fasting. Therefore, we must make every effort to complete at least the first three, and the last one to the best of our ability.


  • do not eat anything that is not exclusively liquid
  • do not drink milk, yoghurt, other dairy products or beverages containing dairy products, coffee, black tea, alcohol, commercial juices, soft drinks, sugary drinks
  • drink fasting fluids (water, herbal tea, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice, vegetable soups mashed, filtered, cereal juice cooked from cereal) at least 3 liters per day
  • do not smoke, eat or drink any commercial sweets
  • in the morning take bitter salt with water, twice a day alkaline powder with water
  • apply simple physiotherapy methods daily (dry rubbing, hot and cold shower, liver wrap, possibly walking on dewy grass in summer), exercise intensively for at least 30-40 minutes a day. The movement should be endurance + strength exercises as well. Perform 3-5 × 3-5 minutes of breathing exercises daily.
  • get enough sleep, before midnight also for several hours, if you can, relax for 1-2 × 10-15 minutes during the day as well. If you can’t relax, at least try to sleep for a few minutes or just rest.


  • Because we live primarily from internal resources, our body breaks down all the substances we don’t use: fat, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and so on.
  • Meanwhile, an army of accumulated slag and toxins are released, bound to the materials listed above in our cells and the connective tissues that surround them. They enter the bloodstream and lymphatics from where they are excreted.
  • From the 2-3rd day of the fast selection, decomposition, slag removal starts to predominate – in order to be as effective as possible, we need to support it in every way possible.
  • Thanks to the elimination of waste products, toxins and excess waste, the body is relieved of its burden, the regeneration processes become more active, so our body is refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • Edema, substances that cause allergies, inflammation and immune deficiency are cleared, and inflamed mucous membranes, skin parts or joints are soothed.
  • Through relaxation, meditation, and more active dreams, we get rid of our “spiritual poisons”.


  • Mouth odor
  • Spots
  • Plaque on the tongue
  • More intense sweating
  • Dark smelly stool
  • More intense white flow


  • Headache (happens mainly with consumers of coffee in the first three days, drink more fluids but not coffee)
  • Dizziness (move more, stand up slowly)
  • Feeling of hunger (drink more)
  • Fatigue (sleep more, relax during the day or take a nap, drink green tea)
  • Insomnia (drink lemongrass, hop tea)
  • Nausea, vomiting (uncommon, may occur in bile and liver diseases)
  • Pain may occur in the usual places, especially in the first half of fasting (eg joint pain)
  • Leg cramps (increase the dose of mineral tablets)
  • Bad dreams (can have a healing effect)


  • abdominal massage (with circular movements)
  • go to bed at 10 am at the latest (don’t watch TV before, or read an exciting novel, just relax!)
  • During the day you can take some spoons from cereal mash, soups, it provides a pleasant feeling
  • Don’t involve everyone in that you are doing a fast, because with this you just put yourself out to unnecessary criticism
  • If you have a family and the rest of the family is not with you, clarify your unshakable intentions with them in time, ask for their understanding and to give you more peace during this time (it is good to have a room where you can always retreat a little)
  • Avoid all programs that are not mandatory (cinema, theater, etc.).
  • During the fast, reaction time lengthens, better no not drive too often, or if you drive, be more careful
  • Move as much you can, wherever you can, go on foot, get off from the bus one or two stops earlier.
  • Ventilate your apartment adequately, especially before going to bed if you can’t sleep with an open window.
  • Always stand up very slowly from a lying, sitting position, move your limbs and head a little before.
  • If you can, don’t go shopping during the fast, buy before what you need, make a list and go goal orientely to the right shelf – it will also help you not to be tempted.
  • Take vitamin and mineral supplements – especially those recommended by your doctor and in the appropriate dose. For the most part, you should not take any naturally prescribed medication prescribed and taken during fasting.
  • You should take or reduce or discontinue other medications under the guidance of a physician. (antihypertensives, anti-inflammatory drugs, thyroid drugs, heart drugs, etc.)

After fasting, a change in diet and possibly in lifestyle is required. How to do this should be discussed with the doctor leading the fast.

Fasting is advisable at least once a year for anyone who has excess weight because it serves prevention and is part of the procedures that keep our bodies and souls healthy, like healthy eating and regular exercise. People have fasted in all the cultures of the world in the past, and animals also fast often when the greatest effort is being made (migratory birds and fish during migration) or when they are seriously sick. One also needs regular fasting, even if he is not sick! Fasting regenerates not only the body but also the soul.

You can know the materials and tools for fasting from here!


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