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Fasting and detoxing therapies

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Due to non-stop eating – even if healthy, but in particular if unhealthy or excessive – as well as due to stress, improper breathing and intestinal flora, faulty habits (ie: smoking), lack of physical exercises, the body gets filled with toxins, substances which do not assist, in fact they impede normal physiological activities.

These substances get built up in connective and muscle tissues and thus can have a negative effect on all life functions. Detoxing therapies decrease the amount of such built-up substances which through therapies leave the body in great quantities via urine, stool, skin and breathing. The most effective detoxing therapy is fasting during which the patient does not eat for 3-6 weeks, only drinks. This treatment is ensured by much professional experience and research, therefore such a properly conducted treatment is not straining, and can be part of everydays even next to work, supporting the body in all aspects. At the end of the treatment inflammation is generally decreased, state of being improves, pain and tensions decrease, physical abilities improve and body weight goes down. Performance of such a treatment provides a sense of success for the patient. You can find more detailed articles on this topic on my webpage: detoxifying, necessary tools, fasting.

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