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Dr. Tamasi Honestly – Turbo vitamin boosting

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Vitamins are substances we absolutely need for our life.

Today’s lifestyle demands more and more vitamin intake. Free radicals are formed in our body and anti oxidants and vitamins are able to neutralize and catch these and ensure the regeneration of the body.

Today’s agriculture provides less and less vitamins in our foods.

In Hungary they also made researches from that we know foods from twenty years ago contained four-five times more minerals and vitamins. Because of this we become vitamin deficient even if we eat healthy.

We have to know that the tablets are not the same quality either moreover from our intestines maximum 25% gets absorbed. That is why the most efficient vitamin supplementation if we give these products in the form of injections or infusions.

At the Dr. Tamasi Medical Ayurveda Center our turbo vitamin cure provides this opportunity for my patients.

R. Áron


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