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Dr. Tamasi Honestly – Effective weight loss

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The ideal body weight is different for everyone.
But one thing is certain, we always have to aim for the lowest possible body weight because that is what serves our health.
With 33 years of medical experience I can claim that every extra decagram weight on our body in some way starts a disease process.
Maybe not now not suddenly maybe decades will pass but it definitely strains our organism and can lead to problems that could have been avoided easily if we reduce our body weight in time.
Reducing body weight is able to cure diseases -» even in a week is possible to achieve great results!
And above all it helps to:
  • be successful in social life
  • have better endurance
  • be better at our work

How can you do this? I help! If you are interested watch my short film.

Dr. Tamasi Medical Ayurveda Center – Weight loss package

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