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Doctor answers: They could not find explanation to many of my complaints

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Dear Doctor!

 “I’m a 35 years old man, and I came to the point, that I cannot live my life like this. I’m having spinal complaints since two decades, which means increasing back stiffness, limited mobility, back and rib pain, especially when bumping and jumping. I had lots of examinations, but they never told me what is my problem. I don’t get treatment either. My CRP value is higher, I often have diarrhea. My chiropractor suggested that I might have an autoimmune disease, but the special lab tests are all negative. If I move, I have less complaints, but overall the process is getting worse. What do you think I should do?”

Dear Sir!

Based on what you said, it is likely to me that you have an inflammatory musculoskeletal disease, which may not correspond to the textbook descriptions of certain diseases, so not yet Bechterew’s disease (SPA) or other spinal autoimmune inflammation, but the latent inflammation continuously destroys the joints responsible for the flexibility of the spine, the ligaments and the muscles along the spine. This makes your posture more and more stiff and the range of motion getting more narrow.

Latent inflammations are important elements of chronic processes. Almost all autoimmune cancer disease begins with such latent inflammations. These inflammations often do not yet give any routine laboratory signs, but with careful medical examination or with the so-called preclinical tests of natural medicine or special laboratory tests can reveal these to the skilled specialist in the field.

Even in the case of such mysterious and stealthy inflammations, it is very important to reform the diet immediately, because the inflammation most likely started in the digestive system, but at least it can be influenced well by diet. Plant-based nutrition, the complete avoidance of animal products is the basis for inflammation reduction. Then the inflammation soothes and the progress of the process stops. After this, it is possible to think about rehabilitation, that is, to perform physiotherapy and movement therapy treatments, with which the restricted movement can be expanded again. It is good if you can do movement and sports, I suggest that you do not stop this, but make it a daily routine.

It is important to judge whether the inflammation has really stopped as a result of the diet and other natural healing procedures and medicines introduced. Beyond physical medical examinations, regular measurement of CRP (laboratory test for inflammation) can be like this or so-called preclinical examination methods such as regular use of thermovision diagnostics (heat mapping).


The condition of the intestinal mucosa should be improved with pro- and prebiotics, with plant enzymes capable of calming inflammatory biological processes, with antioxidants, with herbal anti-inflammatory drugs (salicylates, flavonoids). Externally, it is good to rub anti-inflammatory agents, oils and creams, a gentle massage. Later in the rehabilitation phase, physiotherapy or yoga, possibly chiropractic. These processes are difficult to calm, it is difficult to reduce the consequent lesions of already damaged tissues. Still, after the immediate introduction of the diet, there is hope that the condition will improve. So you can regain your hope by starting a line of treatments on this basis.


Source: Doctor Answers Box  – Naturopath Magazine

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