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Doctor answers – Our 3 years old boy is having more and more complaints

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Dear Doctor!

I’m writing to you about our 3 years old boy. He has more and more complaints and we are becoming more and more puzzled. Practically he never heals from common cold, throat inflammation, gingivitis, diarrhoea, although he is constantly receiving antibiotic and antiviral medical treatments. He can’t laugh wholeheartedly, because he gets hiccups. Since he is one month old, he gets so called proton-pump inhibitor medication, because he has acid reflux since that time. If we don’t give the medicine, he’s not able to sleep and constantly has pain.

His rashes are frequent and we also struggle a lot with proper eating. That’s why he gets nutritious drink, which he drinks one daily. Unfortunately, he was a premature baby and after giving birth I couldn’t breastfeed for a week, and after that my milk had run out, so he only got formula till he was 6 months old. At this time food allergy developed, which made him unable to consume many things. He has almost no company, because we don’t dare to let him near other kids, to avoid getting infected, because he gets everything so fast. Please advise how could our child get out of this situation, is there any natural solution at all, because as we see, with the medical way, it is only getting worse.

Dear Madam!

You are in a vicious circle. One bad solution brings the other. You can only get out of this if you start treating the child with a completely different medical mindset, reorganizing his life for at least half a year, but without medical background and medical advice this is not possible. You also need to learn a lot about what to worry about and what not to, what your child should eat and what not to, and how to build his treatment without medication.

Foods should not be given to him, that cause reflux due to bad flora and bad digestion, such as dairy products and that drink you give to him for nutrition. Reflux is not a misfortune, but a logical consequence of the fact that he did not get breast milk as a newborn, but a sterile beverage made from foreign milk, which did not help to develop his own bacterial flora. As well as the fact that now he is not getting food that is well tolerated by his digestive system, that it could handle well, which would help to regulate the development of poorly started flora. The bad flora spreads up to the stomach. The situation is preserved by the medicine that stops the production of his own stomach acid, thereby leaving it unprotected from external, from above, and internal, from below, intestinal infections. These bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens produce toxins and gases, as a result the stomach muscles expand, bowel movement becomes slow and stomach acid comes up and the permanent inflammation of the throat occurs. The child’s immune system is increasingly weakened by continuous overload.

That is why it is necessary that the child does not get foods that causes bloating, rash and further strengthens reflux. These should be left out of his diet, even if this is not the habit, even if test results do not justify food damage, but parents know exactly what is happening after what. With the help of a competent doctor or pediatrician, the drugs should be stopped once the improvement has started. The intestinal flora should be supported by pre- and probiotics. Herbal teas should be used to reduce acid overload. A physician skilled in the art of such complementary methods is also required because subsequent inflammations should not be treated with antibiotics. There are very effective natural methods to treat an infection without antibiotics: herbs, diet, physical procedures. Taking antibiotics again and again will greatly diminish the chances of full recovery.

It is not possible for a child who is artificially addicted to medication to withdraw the medication on its own, which can have side effects. At the same time, it is clear that a child’s quality of life can be ruined forever by this endless continuation of this type of conservative treatment. My experience with both adult and child patients is that the current treatment of reflux disease is mostly routine based, often meaningless, narrow-minded. Natural methods, on the other hand, require a laborious diet for many, which is why they prefer the western methodology and the hopeless situation, and most doctors are not even aware of the possibility of alternative dietary and natural remedies. It is necessary to break out of this completely nonsense situation and not to settle for it.


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