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Doctor answers: I had lots of problems with venous thrombosis

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Dear Doctor!

„I am 53 years old, slightly overweight. During the past few years I had lots of problems with venous thrombosis. I also had a blood vessel occlusion in 2014, which led to the death of two thirds of my small intestines and then to its surgical removal. Before I had phlebitis occurring for years on a regular basis. I do not have a particular diet and unfortunately my lack of exercise is also common in my busy life. A genetic test was also done and it turned out that I have a heterozygous Leiden mutation. Over the past few years, I have been taking different anticoagulants over and over, but sometimes I missed taking them for longer periods. I note, that thrombosis also occurred when I was taking the medicine. What could you suggest?”

Dear Sir!

Based on what you have written, you should understand the followings:

  1. You have an inherited blood clotting disease, and because of this, you are about eight times more prone to coagulation, than the average person. 10% of the Hungarian population has this disease, every tenth person, so this is a common disease.
  2. This is the less serious form of the disease, as only one of the two genes inherited from the parents carries the mutant gene responsible for increasing coagulation. However, it is a good idea to have the test on your children as well, because if they carry the gene, they can take timely action against the development of their disease.
  3. Although this is a genetic disorder, the occurrence of coagulation enhancement is highly dependent on what kind of lifestyle lived and natural treatments used. There is a good chance you can prevent the development of a blood clotting disorder by following my advices below.
  4. Whether or not the drug can be left with a properly modified lifestyle, I can’t tell for sure, especially not in letter. I have patients who are not taking medications, just simply changed their lifestyle and successfully avoided the forming of thrombosis. I haven’t seen anyone, who is keeping their diet, uses natural anticoagulants, and has developed blood clot, which is of course not proof, because today’s medical viewpoint is that anyone affected with this genetic mutation similar to yours, should take anticoagulants for the rest of their lives. This just means, that medical research has not yet investigated the situation, when someone eating on a purely plant-based diet and also reducing grain consumption, how thrombosis is affected. Unfortunately, it is not possible for the patient to choose which version would he go with in the procession of this information. Medical research is only following life with a huge delay, and there are patients who doesn’t want to wait decades with their own problems to get medicine to figure out how to avoid the side effects of a medicine that may not been discovered yet, or the way, how to avoid these drugs by natural methods.

My advices are the following:

The minimum diet to follow is the vegan and gluten free. This is what mostly reduces inflammation and thrombosis. It is even better if you do not eat grains at all or only very rarely. Decontaminate with fasting several times a year. I could only determine the appropriate length of this in personal counseling. Consume at least one garlic clove daily. There are herbs that increase the fluidity of the blood (ginseng, ginger, ashwaganda, turmeric, linseed, blackcurrant leaf, cranberry leaf, etc.). If you do not do any form of exercise, you will leave out a significant healing factor in your life. Since your internal track has undergone surgery, special care should be taken to support it with herbs and probiotics. So, in my opinion, do dieting, exercising and without medical supervision do not experiment leaving the medicine.


Dr. Jozsef Tamasi

Source: Naturopath Magazine doctor answers bracket.

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