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Doctor answers: Heart arrhythmia from eating?

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“Dear Doctor!”

“I am a 51-year-old construction contractor. For more than a year, I have cardiac arrhythmias regularly, for which various sedative and beta-blocking drugs were prescribed, but none of them worked, so I left them all out. But my complaint did not go away. At these times I feel extremely unwell, my performance is reduced, I cannot work, I noticed that most of the time after a meal, when my acid reflux symptoms appear I feel as if my heart is pushing and skipping beats also appear. When I told this to any doctor so far they always laughed at me saying that my meal cannot affect my heart function. ECG under stress was also done, but nothing was found. However when I left dairy products and wheat flour, I think my bloatings has dropped significantly and with that my heart rhythm problems have stopped. I had bile surgery in 2012 since then I have repeatedly given birth to kidney stones. I know it would be better to rest more, but now there is a construction boom and my capacities are locked down for years in advance so I have no hope stepping out of the treadmill. I also became slightly overweight because I don’t have time for sports. What do you think, should I really diet for the rest of my life to keep my heart rate in order?

Dear Sir!

You are right. Today’s medical textbooks are more about stress, physical activity, and metabolism as the cause of arrhythmia – this is why colleagues have tried sedative, stress relieving drugs and examining the role of physical stress. Of course there is connection between the deterioration of abdominal discomfort, the bloating of the abdomen with the cardiac performance, with breathing capacity, because if the size of the abdomen, even from air, is growing, then the diaphragm is pushed upwards and thus reduces the space available to the organs of the chest, lung capacity is reduced and with it also the oxygen supply, purification ability of the whole body and the performance of the highly sensitive heart. Moreover, the heart is also sensitive directly to abdominal discomfort, since the same vegetative centers and according to Eastern medicine the same energy centers influence the functioning of the two areas.

You know the solution, which is not complicated, and can be very effective without medicine. You should examine your food intolerance, the condition of your intestinal flora, and adjust your diet and proper management of your digestive system accordingly. Of course detoxifying and reduction of bodyweight in needed too. The smaller your belly and weight, the more you can forget your complaints. I recommend that you do at least three weeks of liquid fasting with the supervision a competent doctor, which can reduce body weight by up to 10 kg and your metabolism can function in a much more active state and then start a diet that causes the least bloating and abdominal complaints. This is likely to be a plant-based diet, but you may be able to digest only cooked foods because your digestive juices and muscles are already weak. Use Mediterranean and Eastern spices because they improve digestion, herbal teas to tone the digestive glands. Gently massage your stomach and make sure you have a formed, normal stool every day.

Many people get self-pity when they hear that now they have to eat a predominantly vegan, plant-based diet for the rest of their lives. Believe me, you can live a much higher quality of life without medications and continuous medical interventions on a plant-based diet than with a regular mixed diet, but with medications and going to the emergency. In addition, this process would not stop here and more serious forms of diseases may develop. Plant based eating has a huge following, it is worth looking for companions, typically happy and satisfied people who are not living the sadness of the hospital diet, but the liberation of gourmet!  You would had to change your diet since a long time ago because of the stones too, you can save yourself from a lots of pain if you reduce the 80% kidney stone reformation chance close to zero.

Dr. Jozsef Tamasi

Source: Naturopath magazine – Doctor answers box

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