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Detoxifying tools and methods

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In order to understand what this article is about, you must first read the general description of fasting, the general knowledge of fasting.


Tools needed for the cure

  • Buy these tools at a pharmacy or drugstore
  • Heating bag
  • Epsom salt
  • Alkaline powder (eg. Basica vital)
  • Detoxifying herbal tea
  • Almond Oil
  • Scrub gloves
  • Mineral products
  • Rice slice (natural), possible alternative: corn slice, corn-rice slice
  • Rice milk, possibly buckwheat milk, almond milk
  • Cereal flakes (not containing wheat, oats and rye, but can be rice, buckwheat, corn flakes), from which cereal is made.



Non-carbonated mineral water (or purified water) (Water produced with good quality osmotic water purifiers is healthier than mineral waters containing excess inorganic minerals)

Fruits and vegetables for juices. In the Mayr cure, we mainly use vegetables and less fruits.


  • Lemon and orange squeezer for squeezing citrus fruits – only used a little during Mayr cure
  • Tomato smasher for squeezing tomatoes and grapes
  • Juicers for centrifuging fruits and vegetables
  • Fruit and vegetable pressers without rotation
  • The gadgets come in different price ranges. With the help of pressers, we can undoubtedly make the best quality juices, but they are the most expensive. Centrifuges are cheaper and can be obtained from any technical store or from the technical department of large stores.
  • Tomato smashers and citrus squeezers are undoubtedly the cheapest juice gaining tools, but with them we obtain the least amount of juice. In the Mayr cure, citrus fruits are preferred to be avoided.


Non-chemically grown food is the best, but these crops are not yet generally available in Hungary, so you can buy them on the market or in grocery stores. The body has a much greater detoxifying potential with the cure, so the tiny amount of chemicals in the juices cannot cause harm. Take approximately 2 kg of fruits and vegetables a day for soup and for freshly centrifuged juice. Neither canned nor mirelite ingredients can be used.


Use green spices or dried herbal type spices. These can be grown in our garden or even on the terrace in a flower pot, but we can also buy them ready as they are available in more and more stores. Rosemary, basil, parsley, marjoram, peppermint, tarragon, lovage, celery, thyme, coriander leaves and fruits, anise, fennel, cumin, cinnamon, etc.

Additional tools, materials (it’s not necessary to buy these!)

Enema device with hose – if you use bitter salt every day or receive colon hydrotherapy during fasting, the enema device is not important.

Sauerkraut juice – you can colour your daily drink selection, but be sure to consume it diluted.

Good quality natural juices (Steinberger, Ceres, Biopont) – if you are unable to squeeze fresh juice daily due to your work, you may have limited use of these juices to colour your fluid intake. However, do not buy commercial canned juices because their quality is not suitable for fasting.

Lemon, orange, honey, sea salt – for flavouring drinks

Herbal teas that can colour the drink selection. You can buy ready-made herbal tea blends. The doctor may prescribe a tea blend that suits your individual condition. In addition, you can also pick and choose good tasting herbs or herb mixtures from the shelves of a herb shop, which you can further mix according to your taste: Ginseng, green teas, roybosh, tarragon, fruit teas, St. John’s wort, lemongrass.

Simple physiotherapy procedures

Dry body rubbing

It is used to remove the upper dry epidermis and reflexologically stimulate our body. It is recommended to do it in the morning after getting up. We use rubbing gloves to rub our skin surface everywhere, starting on the limbs and moving towards the heart.

Hot and cold shower

The alternating temperature shower activates the selection functions in the morning. Repeat the temperature change several times, apply the cold for a shorter time, the hot for a longer time. Always finish the shower with cold water.

Lubricate the body with pure plant based oils

According to Ayurveda, oiling is used for detoxification, in addition, the skin also needs nourishment. It is therefore recommended to use plant based oils on our skin after the morning shower.

Liver wrapping

We stimulate the detoxifying function of the liver with heating bags. Fill the 1/3 of the heating bag with hot water, that our skin can still tolerate. One-third of a large towel is also dipped in this warm water, then twist the water out from it, and we place this wet towel on the area of the liver, the bag is placed on it and we fold two dry towel section over it. We lie in supine position for half an hour while wrapping. The heating bag calms our digestive system and also has a general calming effect. The treatment can also be done at bedtime in the evening.

Movement program

Movement during fasting is very important, especially endurance movement: running, swimming, rowing, intense gymnastics, cycling, etc. Collect the necessary sport equipment. Endurance movements can be supplemented with strength exercises, stretching, and yoga, or tai chi, qigong. Daily regularity during fasting is important, occasionally 30-40 minutes of intense exercise is recommended. It’s good to have your heart rate go up to 180 minus our age and stay there for a 20-30 minutes. Stay in open air as long as possible, do the movements preferably in nature or with an open window.

Other cleanings

During the detoxifying treatment, our body excretes on all the surfaces of our body. Rinse your nasal mucosa, throat, with mild salt water in the morning. Peel off the plaque on the tongue with a spoon. Clean more, because the skin and excretory organs excrete more toxins, and going to the toilet is more common. Brush your teeth several times, chew fennel, anise, or parsley, or chewing gum. Ladies should also be prepared for a possible slight white flow with their appropriate usual tools.

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