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Chronic fatigue syndrome

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Dear Doctor!

I’m exhausted, tired, the medications don’t work either. I also take vitamins, but that doesn’t help either, maybe I would need it as an infusion. I always cough. I am sensitive to milk, so I do not consume dairy products. I also have joint pain, I constantly feel like I’m not completely healthy. Sport activities also disappeared from my life, I’m glad if I can get up. My excess weight is also having a hard time going down, although I haven’t been dieting lately.

Please give me advice on how I can get out of this state!

Dear Madam!

Her problem is an increasingly common phenomenon, statistics believe that the syndrome of unexplained chronic fatigue is also increasing as the rate of allergies becomes more frequent. It is considered as a stand-alone disease if it persists for at least half a year, even if in the meantime the patient has repeatedly attempted full regeneration. It is called CFS, or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Although there is a huge amount of article on the subject in the medical literature, there is not yet a simple therapeutic procedure that clarifies everything exactly and achieves no complaints.

Obviously, the number one cause of discomfort may be inflammation, as the body’s energy reserves can be depleted by the constant defense of the immune system, so the number one suspect in the investigation is the discovery of inflammation. Laboratory tests are needed, including monitoring for autoimmune inflammation, certain hormone levels, tumor markers, intestinal processes.

Viral infections, Lyme disease, permeable bowel syndrome, but also food intolerances should be considered. In the case of latent inflammatory plexus, thermal imaging or standard imaging radiological methods may be helpful. With these studies, it is almost certain that some causal factor is revealed.

The other common reason may be the weakness and exhaustion of certain processes: decreased production of digestive juices, adrenal cortex fatigue, decreased thyroid function, upset of bacterial flora, etc. This happens partly because of the continuous inflammation and then to the useless scar tissue at the site of inflammation, and partly can be the consequence of deficiency diseases due to malnutrition, thus, an increased intake of vitamins and minerals would be required, so we can also approach these causes with laboratory tests.

The third most common cause is a decrease in the body’s ability to tolerate stress, partly due to overload, and partly due to poor or deteriorating stress management techniques. It is worsened by constant panic, persistent work or family conflict, lack of a secure social background.

Dear Madam! As we have distinguished the above three causes, the treatments should be aimed at solving them, even if laboratory tests cannot find a clear responsible cause, as the syndrome may still develop even if the tests are not yet able to detect minimal changes. Eliminating inflammation may require individual consulting, lifestyle and diet changes, with detoxifying treatments.

Many times deprivation, a liquid cleansing fast, works more against fatigue than supplementing the diet with additional foods. Lack of vitamins and minerals should be supplemented, with particular attention to the appropriate proportion of omega 3-6 fatty acids and to the replacing of trace elements (such as zinc, iron, copper, vitamin C, vitamins Q1 and Q10). It may be necessary to consume anti-inflammatory herbs or herbal preparations such as willow bark, turmeric, ginger, essential oils.

The bacterial flora should be regulated with pre- and probiotics, plant diet. Improving stress management skills is important, but it is also takes long time, as it’s an autogenic training, perhaps learning and reflexively practicing other relaxation techniques, new patterns of behaviour, developing a new outlook on life may seem tedious, but improvement makes up for everything. The point is that although today’s medicine doesn’t really know what to do with this condition, you can be confident as there is a good chance of getting rid of these unpleasant troubles with the above strategy.

Source: Naturopath Magazine – Doctor answers box


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