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Plant-based diet (vegan/vegetarian) vs. meat-eating diet (predan) from a medical perspective

By : on : 2013-09-24 comments : (0)

Vegetarians do not eat meat. Fish is also considered meat. Vegans do not eat or drink any animal products such as milk or other dairy, they do not take eggs and may avoid honey too.    What do they eat then? Vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, legumes, spices, herbs, vegetable milk, vegetable fat, mushrooms. A vegan who […]

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Low caloric intake in cancer therapy

By : on : 2013-09-18 comments : (0)

How do I treat cancer? Naturally I use or apply all tools which are recognized by today’s modern oncology. Yet there are certain complementary methods which are not part of daily oncological practices, even though they are very effective. A good example is therapeutical application of a low caloric diet. Blood Journal recently wrote about the […]

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Can reflux disease be cured by losing weight?

By : on : 2013-09-09 comments : (0)

Research team of Kanasi University published those results in several medical journals (Gastroenterology Week, Obesity, Nature) which state that overweight is an important risk factor leading to symptoms of GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). What they were examining among reflux patients is to what extend may losing weight reduce symptoms of GERD. They had 97% of […]

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