Budapesti rendelő: +36-20-361-9530, Kiskunfélegyházi rendelő:+36 70 626 8389,

Dr. József Tamasi
Specialist of internal and social medicine, expert of natural therapies (complementary medicine)

Workplaces – Consultancy:


Budapest:MediMOM Health Center, Jagello u.14., Budapest.  Tel (Mob1): 00 36 20 586 50 70, Tel (mob2): 00 36 20 586 44 40, Tel: 00 36 1 784 90 45,

Kecskemet: Fecske Medical Center, Fecske u. 9/A, Kecskemet, Tel: 00 36 70 3323252,

Italy:  Arztpraxis Dr.Tamasi, Bozener str 2., 39011 Lana,  Tel: 00 39 0473 61300, 00 39 0473 492333,,,,,   

Qualifications, main workplaces:

1985  Medical degree, University of Szeged, Faculty of General Medicine
1985-89  Physician assistant , Hospital of Kiskunfelegyhaza
1989-99  Program manager of the Naturopathic Program at the National Health Protection Institute
1990-95  Study trip to various German clinics over 1,5 years (Hospital of Naturopathy and Internal Medicine – Harlaching, Naturopathic Clinic – Bad Pyrmont, Vita Natura Clinic – Eppenbrunn)
1992-2010  Doctor manager of Biovital-Melissa Health and Wellness Center in Kecskemet, then later in Budapest
Specialist examination in social medicine 
Specialist examination in internal medicine

1990- Number of study trips to various clinics in the Far East: South Korea (Soul, Kheeung Hee University), China (Peking), India (Jaipur, Kerala, Delhi, Bombay), Thailand (Bangkok)

2010- Private medical practice in Lana, Italy

2012- Phd student of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pecs

Most significant areas of naturopathy and lifestyle which I have special knowledge and experience of, and that I apply through my work: 

  • ayurvedic medicine, 
  • alternative physiotherapy, 
  • alternative movement-massage therapy, 
  • alternative eye training methods, 
  • anthroposophical medicine, 
  • bioenergetics, 
  • biological treatment of tumors,
  • examination methods of biological dentistry, 
  • certain psychotherapeutical methods (relaxation, imagination techniques, group therapy) 
  • dietetics, 
  • lifestyle therapy, 
  • phytotherapy, 
  • traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture, ear acupuncture, Voll’s electro-acupuncture, acupressure, bioresonance therapy), 
  • homeopathy, 
  • HOT, 
  • environmental medicine, 
  • manual medicine (chiropractic), 
  • micro-biological therapies, 
  • neural therapy, 
  • orthomolecular medicine,
  • oxygen therapy, 
  • ozone therapy, 
  • reflexology, 
  • detoxing methods, 
  • naturopathic examination methods, 
  • body weight therapy 

Key positions and tasks:

1989-2010 Founder and chief editor of Naturopathy magazine (from 1996 called Ideal magazine)
1991-93 Leader and member of the Hungarian Association of Phytotherapy 
1992-97 President of the Welfare Ministry’s Naturopathic Course
1992 -2012 Hungarian member of the Akadémie Mondial International Training of Alternative Medicine (Essen) 
1993  Vice president of Voll’s Electo-acupuncture Doctors’ Association
1994-99 Representative of Hungary in the European COST B4 on „unconventional medicine” (Brussels) research program
1991- 2012 President of the Naturopathic Documentary Center Foundation’s advisory board and presidential member of Essen-based ZDN 
1995-2000 Board member of the Hungarian Association of Naturopathy
1997-99 Member of the Naturopathic Advisory Board of the Welfare Minister
1997- Examiner in ETI in subject areas: phytotherapy, general movement, reflexology, lifestyle counselling, general physiotherapy, eye training. 
1997-  Honoris causa examiner of blood oxygen therapies and neural therapy assigned by EU minister
1998-2000 Member of the Life Sciences Committee of OMFB’s Social Prevention Program
2001-  Vice President of the Hungarian Wellness Association 
1997- 2010 Chief editor of Complementary Medicine Journal 
1993 -2004 Teacher and examiner of naturopathy at HIETE Medical College, Faculty of Clinical Subjects, majors: graduate nurse and health visitor
1994-98 Teacher at SZOTE in the compulsory subject of naturopathy 
2001-2009 Guest speaker at POTE’s Medical College

Private: father of 6 children and grandfather

Hobbies: painting, sports, cycling, hiking, cooking, ecumenism, Hindu culture, yoga, Vaishnavism, religions, environmental protection 

Significant courses and trainings:

1986-87 Courses of Sziveshaz preventive cardiological programs

1988 200 hour long mental-hygienic training (Psychiatric Association)

1988-90  2 year special course in psychotherapy (Psychotherapy in general medical practice at Psychiatry of Kutvolgyi Hospital, Dr.Furedi)

1989 Self-help groups (7 days) – Dubrovnik, International University Center

1989-90 10. Internationaler Fortbildungslehrgang zur Gesundheitserziehung und

Gesundheitsförderung – Luneburg, Germany (6 weeks)

1991. Courses in acupuncture, ear acupuncture, Voll’s electro-acupuncture, Qi gong, environmental medicine organized by the German ZAN, DAGFA, EAV associations

1992. Umweltmedizin – Naturopathic Diagnosis, courses organized by ZAN

1992. Organizer and translator of the medical training in Voll’s electro-acupuncture and biological dentistry in Melissa Health Center

1992-96 Initiator and organizer of the I., II., III., IV. and V. International Congress of Naturopathy in Budapest

1993.  Organizer of international courses and conferences in homeopathy, clinical medicinal fasting, yoga therapy

1994-96 Organizer and translator of Neural Therapy International Courses I-V.

1994. Antroposophic medicine – 5 day training held by WELEDA AG. (Schwaebisch


1994. „About Medicines”- 40 hour homeopathic training organized by the Melissa Institute and MHOE

1995. “Basics of manual medicine” – 40 hour medical training organized by Melissa Health Center

1997. “Ayurvedic medicine” – 120 hour training in Budapest by the Association of Hungarian Ayurvedic Doctors

2000. Examinations in traditional Chinese medicine (SZTE), detoxing therapies (PTE), and diagnostic methods (PTE)

2010-11 Orthomolecular medicine – ZDN, Italy

2012- Phd student of the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Pecs


Presentations at scientific events:

1985 Herbal substances of the urinary system – International Herbal Conference, Sopron

1986 Ethical problems of applying natural therapies – South Hungarian Migrant Meeting of Internal Medicine

1986 Opportunities of phytotherapy in Hungary – Medical-Pharmacist Days of Pest County

1987 Health Maintenance Program in Kiskunfelegyhaza – Health Education Methodological Presentation of Zsambek (grand prize)

1988 Treating hypertonia through naturopathy- Congressus Pharmaceuticus

Hungaricus, Budapest

1988 Health education – Sanitas Model Experiment, MAOTE Jubilee Congress, Balatonfured

1989 Ethno botanical collections and their critical evaluation by microcomputer methods, … – International Symposium on East-West Medicine, Soul,  South Korea

1991 Opportunities of treating tumor biologically in clinical practice – MAOTE Migrant Meeting, Gyula

1991 General Survey of natural medicine in Hungary – WHO Traditional Medicine Congress, Peking

1992 Naturopathic diagnosis – I. International Naturopathic Congress, Budapest

1993-94-96 Presentations at naturopathic congresses in Budapest

1995 Presentation at conference in Bonn organized by the Hungarian Embassy in Germany and the Semmelweis Medical Association

1995-96 Presenter at the Leveling Naturopathic Training

1997.  Scientific round-table discussion about fasting – Foundation against Hungarian Overweightness, Kaposvar

1998. “Legitimization of unconventional medicine in Hungary” and next to Dr. Kertesz A., second author of: “Education of „Unconventional medicine” at the medical University Unconventional Medicine at the Beginning of the Third Millennium – Pavia, 4-6. June, 1998.

2001. Natural medicine in the field of wellness – SOTE Wellness Conference, 10 credit points


Educational activities in universities and colleges

1993-2004       Teacher and examiner of naturopathy at HIETE Medical College, Faculty of Clinical Subjects, major: graduate nurse and health visitor

1994-98          Teacher at SZOTE in the compulsory subject of naturopathy

2001-2008      Guest speaker at POTE Medical College