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Ars poetica

It has always been my dream to cure sick people, although my first experiences in hospital discouraged me very much. More or less I saw the very same people over and over again. They received temporary assistance from us doctors that would last them only a few weeks or months, and then they would return to the hospital with the same health problems. I experience real success with natural therapies. They are not effective with every single problem, but what gets cured stays like that more permanently.   

Nature is wonderful. Everything has a meaning, place and value in it. Even diseases do. If one understands the meaning of one’s illness, then I believe he or she can be cured. Signals sent by a blind or deaf person’s illness are pointless, as he or she will not be able to see or hear it. This way signals will grow in order to be recognized and so will the person be even more ill. Serious illnesses may not always get cured through this path, but still much assistance can be provided. 

Naturopathy may bring actual recovery. Application of it requires as much professional skill as the practice of surgery, internal medicine or haematology. There are many who apply such methods with little knowledge and still call it naturopathy. 

Healing is a great secret. How far can we go not to interfere with God’s plans? Is organ transplantation, breast enlargement appropriate, or to permanently maintain life of an unconscious person? Naturopathy does not enforce anything, rather it provides maximum opportunity for the body to recover. I admire results of modern medicine, I apply them in my practice and endeavor to complement them.  

I only treat those that want to get cured. Patients’ cooperation and responsible thinking are very much needed. Quite often those who feel comfortable to always complain, who are unable to make even a small endeavor to change in the lifestyle, cannot be helped. 

There are very few new things in the world. Truly valuable things have been known for a long time. It’s easier to find values in tradition, than in conducting scientific research. I have searched for knowledge from Father Lajos, chiropractors, Andor Oláh, in the Far East in India, China, South Korea, in old books and scriptures. 

I am deeply moved by arts. I paint. If I really want to relax I paint. If time does not allow me to paint, I just browse through my paintings and experience the pleasure of creating them again. 

My children offer great happiness to me. I think I have received most blessings in life for being a father. I see that they are doing well, all six of them have found their place in life and will be more than I have become. I am happy if there is anything they follow me in, but even more if they create something new. 

Diagnosis is very important, and even more so the questioning of the patient. I do not prefer unnecessary examinations. Many times I conduct natural therapies way before searching for a precise diagnosis using much input and causing pain to the patient. If there is improvement there is no point of examinations for their own sake. If there isn’t any, I can continue to look for reasons or their justifications. This is of course not always preferable for diagnostic industry. 

My motto is “not more medicine that necessary, and as much natural therapy as possible!”. 

There are in fact many miracles. The greatest one is awakening self-healing capacity. I always endeavor to get it working. 

Psychosomatics is a great mystery. Insignificant things often have immense meaning. Many times it is unknown when a disorder’s spiritual root has been created. Other times it is enough if the patient learns to relax and the problem ceases, ie: skin disorder.

 I always learn a lot from my patients. I am glad about first meetings as well as return of patients because I give but I also receive much life and healing experience from them. My circle of patients is like a large family, it is always wonderful to see members after a long time and meet new personalities. What I learn from one can be useful for another, that way enriching the whole family and myself.